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Look Your Best This Valentine’s Day With the Help Of Blank Tees

Lets face it; it’s the month of love! That means that you’ll either be taking her out on a night on the town, be picked up by him for a romantic dinner for two, or showing the world how much you abhor Valentine’s Day by celebrating it at some love sucks party. Whatever your plans, the day of love is upon us, and this means, your style should be on point. This is where Blank Tees come in. whether you’re aiming to impress that person you’ve been rushing on for the last of forever, or just look your best as a strong independent single, putting your best foot forward – fashion wise of course – is important! Take a look at a few cool tees available for the guys and gals this Valentine’s Day at Blank Tees.

For The Guys This Valentine’s Day

Call us old fashioned, but here at Blank Tees, when we see love, we see the colour red! Therefore, to make the most dashing gent out of you, we give you our top three red shirts!


First off, we have the long sleeve Box Crew maroon jumper. Pair this with your favourite sneakers and a pair of jeans and you have yourself a memorable outfit!


Next, we bring you this awesome Marble Tee. If this isn’t red enough to ignite the flames of her love, we don’t know what is! Pair it up with a great pair of shorts and high tops and you will be good to go in no time.


Finally, we bring you the Shadow Tee, this get up is great for the casual dinner date. Whether you wear this beneath your favourite blazer to dress it up, or pull it over a pair of jeans to dress down, this is the perfect tee for any guy this V-Day.

For All The Lovely Ladies Out There

Ladies, this Valentine’s Day be sure to keep yourself understatedly elegant with our top two tee picks! First off, we have the fifty shades of fabulous, Tank Tee. This dark grey get up will look great with a classic pair of skinny jeans and stilettos.


Next up, we have the beautiful white Dash Singlet. Pair this up with your best pair of shorts and wedges to finish and you have yourself the perfect date night do!

Don’t See what You’re Looking For?

If you cant find what you’re looking for in our blog, be sure to browse through the whole Blank Tees catalogue. With great designs from a number of awesome designers, we are sure there will be something for you in our little treasure trove. Whether or not you believe in the day of love, the Blank Tees team would like to wish each and every one of our shoppers a very happy Valentine’s Day.

How To Give A T Shirt As A Gift These Holidays

Even though Christmas has come and gone, giving someone a t shirt as a gift can still be an option for belated festive gifts, birthdays and more. The versatile style of a t-shirt allows you to gift it to almost any one, as even the most fancy are still known to relax in a comfy tee from time to time! Therefore, read on below for a buyers guide on how to give a t shirt as a gift these holidays, and all throughout the year.

Know Who You Are Shopping For

As previously mentioned, almost everyone will wear a t shirt at some point in their life. However, knowing what to buy them is imperative to giving them the perfect gift. For example, if you are shopping for a teenage girl, your best bet is to look at the styles trending in store windows at that time and go for something like that. If you’re shopping for someone like your dad however, a comfy, practical shirt will do the trick. Know your target receiver as a shopper and give the appropriate shirt for them. In the same right, you NEED to know the intended gift receiver’s size. It will be incredibly insulting for you to give an XXL tee to a lady who normally wears a medium.

Keep The Slips

Although this sounds a little doomsday, keeping the slips of your purchases is incredibly necessary, especially when buying clothing as a gift. More often than not, the receiver will keep the gift, being grateful to have been given something in the first place. But on the odd occasion that your gifted tee just doe not fit the receiver – or they really just don’t like the style you got them – giving them the option to return the gift for something they would prefer will really go a long way. That’s not to say your style is horrendous to them. Merely just that everyone is different and have their own unique tastes.

Give A T Shirt As A Gift With Blank Tees

Whether you find yourself purchasing a belated Christmas present, or shopping for an upcoming birthday or congratulatory gift, Blank Tees is here to help you make the right choice. We have a ton of various t-shirt styles available on our site, making it easy for you to shop for the right market. If you’re shopping for the younger crowd, try AS Colour. If the gift receiver is an incredibly sporty individual, try out our active wear category. What ever the need of the tee may be, Blank Tees will help you acquire the perfect gift, any time of year! Take a look at our full selection of t-shirts right here, and shop to your heart’s content today!

Reuse That Old T-shirt: Cool Ideas To Reuse Old Tees

An old T-shirt can really go a long way – and not only in your wardrobe. There are a ton of great reuses for t-shirts that may just shock you! Read on below to find out just how you can keep on loving that good old tee even when it’s just to worn to wear!

Make A Bag

One of the coolest – and easiest – things to do with an old tee is to create a really rad tote bag. All you need to do is give the t-shirt a wash and sew up the bottom. Turn the tee inside out and sew the bottom opening together. Make sure your stitches are super close together to avoid anything falling out of the bottom of your bag! Once this is done, roll up the sleeves to make your tee look like a vest. Sew your sleeves in to make your handles. Once this is done, your brand new styling tote is good to go!

Make A Toy For Your Pooch

Another really great thing to do with an old t-shirt is create a dog toy for your best four-legged friend. All you need to do is cut three thick pieces of tee material. Tie one end of the strands together and braid. Once you reach the other end, tie up your braid et voila! If you want to get super fancy, cut out a small circle on two sides of a tennis ball and thread this onto your braid before fastening the one end. Trust us, your pooch will definitely be thankful for this awesome toy!

Make Another Great Fashion Item

Another cool thing to do with old t-shirt material is fashion awesome pieces of jewellery. You can style great necklaces and bracelets from bits of old tees and beads. From braiding thin pieces of t-shirt material together, to using long bands of the material to create a loose necklace, the possibilities are endless!

Make Memories: Your Life’s Greatest Hits

You know that timeless gift, “My mom/dad/friend/sibling went here and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”. Although travel tees may not be the most fashionable pieces in your closet, they most certainly do hold dear memories. Therefore, why not make a quilt out of them? This will keep you warm in those wintery months and give you an excuse to forever hold those memories close to your heart. Plus t-shirt material is super comfy so what better to snuggle up against?

Out With The Old, In With The New!

Using all of those old t-shirts for new uses really frees up a bit of space in your closet! Therefore make sure you look super stylish this summer with the help of Blank Tees. We stock some great tee brands perfect to help you look your best at all times. Take a look at our awesome ranger right here and make the most of your new closet – and cool old reused t-shirt items – today!

How Fashion Influences Every Day Society

Within today’s society, there are massive fashion influences flowing through our culture. Fashion has long been a part of human heritage, making or breaking the reliability of the person wearing it. Believe it or not, this statement is one hundred percent true. Why else do you think we have to dress up for certain occasions? Why is it not acceptable to go out wearing nothing more than a stylish hat? Like it or not, what we wear has a huge impact on our stance in society. Read on below to see how fashion has influenced the world in both a good and bad way.

How Fashion Influences Our Society Negatively

There are a few negative fashion influences throughout the ages. However, there are two poignant topics to look at. We shall take a look at these below:

Body Image Influences

One of the biggest negative influences fashion has on society is how one perceives themselves. Often, women are swept up in the allure of a glossy paged magazine, ogling over their latest model idol and wishing they could look like her. In the same right, men see male models and long to be as chiseled and as perfectly proportioned as they are. Fashion has a huge influence on how people view themselves, and often leaves one wanting. This can become dangerous, leading to conditions such as anorexia as people strive to see the perfection they see between the pages.

Self Worth Complexes

Another negative impact fashion has on people is the fact that it can leave someone feeling incredibly unworthy. This is particularly common amidst the youth, as young people strive to be ahead of the latest trends. This requires them to own all of the top brands, which come at a huge price. People can often be incredibly insensitive, labeling others as ‘poor’ and ‘lower class’ just because they cannot afford the latest runway fad. There is a reason the fashion industry is a multi billion dollar enterprise.

The Positive Attributes Of Fashion

Whilst the above-mentioned topics shed light on the negative side of the fashion industry, there are also many beautiful positive surrounding this trade. Namely:

Freedom of Expression

One of the biggest things fashion lets you do is express who you are without saying a thing. When donning your daily armour, you get to choose exactly what you’d like to reflect to the world for the day ahead. Finding your own style can be an incredibly fun journey to go down. In the same right, you can use fashion to silently protest your beliefs by wearing a supporting t-shirt, badge, cap or other accessory of your favourite charity.

Fashion Introduces An Expectation On Society

Whilst this may sound like a negative, the fact that fashion produces an expectation on people is actually a huge positive. Fashion requires us to be decent, expects us to put our best foot forward, and forces us to take pride in ourselves for certain occasions. In the world we live in, a little order really goes a long way.

Make A Statement With Blank Tees

In our more casual society, make a statement with the help of Blank Tees. Find your ultimate tee shirt right here today and express your self to your heart’s content! We have a wide range of tees available for all to enjoy, so be sure to take a look at what we have on offer for you today.

How To Survive Student Life

Surviving student life can be a difficult task to master. There are so many things that come up that you never even thought you’d need to know. Surviving campus is hard enough as is, but then you have your home life to deal with as well. If you’re out of your childhood home, living it up in a res at uni, read on below to pick up a few tips on how to survive student life in New Zealand.

Learn The Basics

One of the biggest things you need to do for yourself is learn the basics of the kitchen. Find a few great tasting meals that are easy to whip up and master the art of them. Nutrition is incredibly important as a student. Healthy body really does mean healthy mind, therefore, keep yourself healthy and happy in all of the right ways.

Be Wise About Meals You Make

After learning your way around the kitchen, learn how to make a meal plan. Planning your meals for the week will help you stick to a budget and avoid eating through a week’s worth of groceries in one evening. Although it may sound like a chore, making a meal plan will actually help you out in the long run by making you more aware of what you’re eating and how much you are spending.

Learn How To Budget Effectively

As a student, living on a shoestring budget is a given. We’ve all been there, and all hoped for our parents to tell us that we’ve actually been secret millionaires the whole time and that they were just trying to teach us a valuable life lesson. However, the sad truth is we need to learn to budget wisely. Whatever income you earn needs to be budgeted to last you until your next payday. Getting a hold on your money and keeping track of where you’re spending it will help you make it through comfortably. Get your financial ducks in a row by learning to budget effectively.

Dress To The Nines Daily

Another great perk about being a student is that you now get to control your wardrobe. However, this can also be incredibly scary. You need to be able to look your best whilst not breaking the bank in the process. This is where Blank Tees comes in. we have a wide range of affordable clothing items perfect for any student to enjoy. Take a look through one of our many fashionable catalogues now and be sure to step out in style when returning to campus!

Tee Shirt 101: The Basics On Tee Shirt Construction

If you’re a particularly inquisitive type of individual, or have always wondered exactly how a tee shirt is constructed, then this blog is definitely for you! Today, the Blank Tees team will be putting it all out on the table for you, giving you the low down on tee shirt construction. Read on below to discover the differences in certain manufacturing processes and what the label actually means.

Cotton Construction

Yes, even the way your cotton is woven in various tee shirts differs. There are two versions of weaving used in the construction of cotton. These are known as; carded open ended and combed and ring spun.

Carded Open Ended Cotton

To create carded open ended cotton, raw cotton is placed into a carding machine, which in essence, does all the dirty work. Major impurities will be removed from the material and fibers of the strands are aligned. This is then placed into an open end spinning machine which churns out the yarn for your tee.

Combed and Ring Spun Cotton

Combed and ring spun cotton produces a more refined yarn at the end of the procedure. Essentially, the same process is followed as above. However, after being put through the carding process, the cotton is then combed to remove any finer impurities. Once this process is completed, it is then placed into a ring-spinning machine which produces a tighter, thinner yarn to knit into cotton material for tee shirts.

Carded Open Ended vs. Combed and Ring Spun Summary

  • Carded open end spun cotton is cheaper to produce than the combed ring spun alternative
  • Combed and ring spun cotton produces a more refined material to work with
  • Combed and ring spun cotton is softer than the carded option
  • Combed and ring spun cotton provides a better surface for print tees

Tee Shirt Construction

Often in the tee shirt realm, you will hear the phrases tubular and side seam being used. These refer to the way in which the tee shirt is constructed. Tubular refers to a process in which the sleeves of a shirt are woven in a circular motion, needing no seams to be created. The side seam refers to a sleeve which is made from a piece of already existing material, and sewn down the length of the arm. Although tubular construction may sound fancier, side seam shirts provide a better fit as they can be tailored.

Find The Perfect Tee Shirt For You

Blank Tees has a wide variety of tees available for all. We have carded open ended pieces, combed and ring spun creations, tubular tees and side seam shirts available. Be sure to look through our catalogue of items available and pick up the most fitting tee for you this winter!

How To Dress Up Your T-Shirt To The Nines

A t-shirt can say a lot about you as a person. It can tell people which band you enjoy, which races you have run, whether you have a sense of humour or what company you work for. In essence, the humble t-shirt says more about us than we’d care to think. As a student, living a lifestyle constantly surrounded by the demands of being campus chic can really be draining. Not only do you have to dress to impress, but also, figure out how to do so on the tips you managed to squeeze out of the tables you waited last night. Life on a shoe string budget sure ain’t easy! But fashion no longer needs to be difficult. Read on below to see how you can dress up a t-shirt to suit your style!

Just For The Ladies

As a girl, just rocking up to campus is a daily fashion show. Isn’t it great to know that Blank Tees can help you style your look? Stand out by grabbing a simple t-shirt that suits your style; colour and design wise, and get ready to rock the hallways of uni! All you will need is a high waist skirt and your favourite waist belt. Tuck in your tee, pull up that skirt and don the waist belt to create an ultra chic look in seconds.

If you’re keen on the more dressed down look, tucking in your t-shirt into your favourite pair of skinnys and completing your look with a cute set of pumps (or heels for a night out on the town) can really give that “finished” look to your outfit. Pair your shoes with a complimentary statement belt and you are good to go!

Guys Get Your Style On

For the gents, fashion is quite a catch 22. Some of you want to look the part without seeming like you actually care, whilst some of you just don’t care but need to wear something to avoid public indecency. Never the less, no matter your need, Blank Tees has you covered. For the nonchalant gent, try out the three quarter sleeve tee. This is perfect to pair up with your favourite jeans, beanie and All Stars, making you fashionable without you even realizing it.

If you want a little more edge, this can be achieved in a few simple steps. Grab a mono-tone tee (black, white or grey), throw over a lumber jack shirt buttoned half way, don your best jeans and finish it up with a pair of ankle boots. This is a great look for ultimate style. If you want to go that step further, take your t-shirt, throw on a blazer and pair of jeans and grab those ever trust all stars for a modern elegant look.

Make The T-Shirt Great Again

From its humble beginnings somewhere in 1913, the t-shirt has really come a long way. You now have the power to achieve a plethora of different styles from this one, diverse piece of clothing. Make the most of the t-shirt with the help of Blank tees. Check out our range from AS Colour and get styling today!