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How To Survive Student Life

Surviving student life can be a difficult task to master. There are so many things that come up that you never even thought you’d need to know. Surviving campus is hard enough as is, but then you have your home life to deal with as well. If you’re out of your childhood home, living it up in a res at uni, read on below to pick up a few tips on how to survive student life in New Zealand.

Learn The Basics

One of the biggest things you need to do for yourself is learn the basics of the kitchen. Find a few great tasting meals that are easy to whip up and master the art of them. Nutrition is incredibly important as a student. Healthy body really does mean healthy mind, therefore, keep yourself healthy and happy in all of the right ways.

Be Wise About Meals You Make

After learning your way around the kitchen, learn how to make a meal plan. Planning your meals for the week will help you stick to a budget and avoid eating through a week’s worth of groceries in one evening. Although it may sound like a chore, making a meal plan will actually help you out in the long run by making you more aware of what you’re eating and how much you are spending.

Learn How To Budget Effectively

As a student, living on a shoestring budget is a given. We’ve all been there, and all hoped for our parents to tell us that we’ve actually been secret millionaires the whole time and that they were just trying to teach us a valuable life lesson. However, the sad truth is we need to learn to budget wisely. Whatever income you earn needs to be budgeted to last you until your next payday. Getting a hold on your money and keeping track of where you’re spending it will help you make it through comfortably. Get your financial ducks in a row by learning to budget effectively.

Dress To The Nines Daily

Another great perk about being a student is that you now get to control your wardrobe. However, this can also be incredibly scary. You need to be able to look your best whilst not breaking the bank in the process. This is where Blank Tees comes in. we have a wide range of affordable clothing items perfect for any student to enjoy. Take a look through one of our many fashionable catalogues now and be sure to step out in style when returning to campus!