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How Fashion Influences Every Day Society

Within today’s society, there are massive fashion influences flowing through our culture. Fashion has long been a part of human heritage, making or breaking the reliability of the person wearing it. Believe it or not, this statement is one hundred percent true. Why else do you think we have to dress up for certain occasions? Why is it not acceptable to go out wearing nothing more than a stylish hat? Like it or not, what we wear has a huge impact on our stance in society. Read on below to see how fashion has influenced the world in both a good and bad way.

How Fashion Influences Our Society Negatively

There are a few negative fashion influences throughout the ages. However, there are two poignant topics to look at. We shall take a look at these below:

Body Image Influences

One of the biggest negative influences fashion has on society is how one perceives themselves. Often, women are swept up in the allure of a glossy paged magazine, ogling over their latest model idol and wishing they could look like her. In the same right, men see male models and long to be as chiseled and as perfectly proportioned as they are. Fashion has a huge influence on how people view themselves, and often leaves one wanting. This can become dangerous, leading to conditions such as anorexia as people strive to see the perfection they see between the pages.

Self Worth Complexes

Another negative impact fashion has on people is the fact that it can leave someone feeling incredibly unworthy. This is particularly common amidst the youth, as young people strive to be ahead of the latest trends. This requires them to own all of the top brands, which come at a huge price. People can often be incredibly insensitive, labeling others as ‘poor’ and ‘lower class’ just because they cannot afford the latest runway fad. There is a reason the fashion industry is a multi billion dollar enterprise.

The Positive Attributes Of Fashion

Whilst the above-mentioned topics shed light on the negative side of the fashion industry, there are also many beautiful positive surrounding this trade. Namely:

Freedom of Expression

One of the biggest things fashion lets you do is express who you are without saying a thing. When donning your daily armour, you get to choose exactly what you’d like to reflect to the world for the day ahead. Finding your own style can be an incredibly fun journey to go down. In the same right, you can use fashion to silently protest your beliefs by wearing a supporting t-shirt, badge, cap or other accessory of your favourite charity.

Fashion Introduces An Expectation On Society

Whilst this may sound like a negative, the fact that fashion produces an expectation on people is actually a huge positive. Fashion requires us to be decent, expects us to put our best foot forward, and forces us to take pride in ourselves for certain occasions. In the world we live in, a little order really goes a long way.

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