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Reuse That Old T-shirt: Cool Ideas To Reuse Old Tees

An old T-shirt can really go a long way – and not only in your wardrobe. There are a ton of great reuses for t-shirts that may just shock you! Read on below to find out just how you can keep on loving that good old tee even when it’s just to worn to wear!

Make A Bag

One of the coolest – and easiest – things to do with an old tee is to create a really rad tote bag. All you need to do is give the t-shirt a wash and sew up the bottom. Turn the tee inside out and sew the bottom opening together. Make sure your stitches are super close together to avoid anything falling out of the bottom of your bag! Once this is done, roll up the sleeves to make your tee look like a vest. Sew your sleeves in to make your handles. Once this is done, your brand new styling tote is good to go!

Make A Toy For Your Pooch

Another really great thing to do with an old t-shirt is create a dog toy for your best four-legged friend. All you need to do is cut three thick pieces of tee material. Tie one end of the strands together and braid. Once you reach the other end, tie up your braid et voila! If you want to get super fancy, cut out a small circle on two sides of a tennis ball and thread this onto your braid before fastening the one end. Trust us, your pooch will definitely be thankful for this awesome toy!

Make Another Great Fashion Item

Another cool thing to do with old t-shirt material is fashion awesome pieces of jewellery. You can style great necklaces and bracelets from bits of old tees and beads. From braiding thin pieces of t-shirt material together, to using long bands of the material to create a loose necklace, the possibilities are endless!

Make Memories: Your Life’s Greatest Hits

You know that timeless gift, “My mom/dad/friend/sibling went here and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”. Although travel tees may not be the most fashionable pieces in your closet, they most certainly do hold dear memories. Therefore, why not make a quilt out of them? This will keep you warm in those wintery months and give you an excuse to forever hold those memories close to your heart. Plus t-shirt material is super comfy so what better to snuggle up against?

Out With The Old, In With The New!

Using all of those old t-shirts for new uses really frees up a bit of space in your closet! Therefore make sure you look super stylish this summer with the help of Blank Tees. We stock some great tee brands perfect to help you look your best at all times. Take a look at our awesome ranger right here and make the most of your new closet – and cool old reused t-shirt items – today!