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How To Dress Up Your T-Shirt To The Nines

A t-shirt can say a lot about you as a person. It can tell people which band you enjoy, which races you have run, whether you have a sense of humour or what company you work for. In essence, the humble t-shirt says more about us than we’d care to think. As a student, living a lifestyle constantly surrounded by the demands of being campus chic can really be draining. Not only do you have to dress to impress, but also, figure out how to do so on the tips you managed to squeeze out of the tables you waited last night. Life on a shoe string budget sure ain’t easy! But fashion no longer needs to be difficult. Read on below to see how you can dress up a t-shirt to suit your style!

Just For The Ladies

As a girl, just rocking up to campus is a daily fashion show. Isn’t it great to know that Blank Tees can help you style your look? Stand out by grabbing a simple t-shirt that suits your style; colour and design wise, and get ready to rock the hallways of uni! All you will need is a high waist skirt and your favourite waist belt. Tuck in your tee, pull up that skirt and don the waist belt to create an ultra chic look in seconds.

If you’re keen on the more dressed down look, tucking in your t-shirt into your favourite pair of skinnys and completing your look with a cute set of pumps (or heels for a night out on the town) can really give that “finished” look to your outfit. Pair your shoes with a complimentary statement belt and you are good to go!

Guys Get Your Style On

For the gents, fashion is quite a catch 22. Some of you want to look the part without seeming like you actually care, whilst some of you just don’t care but need to wear something to avoid public indecency. Never the less, no matter your need, Blank Tees has you covered. For the nonchalant gent, try out the three quarter sleeve tee. This is perfect to pair up with your favourite jeans, beanie and All Stars, making you fashionable without you even realizing it.

If you want a little more edge, this can be achieved in a few simple steps. Grab a mono-tone tee (black, white or grey), throw over a lumber jack shirt buttoned half way, don your best jeans and finish it up with a pair of ankle boots. This is a great look for ultimate style. If you want to go that step further, take your t-shirt, throw on a blazer and pair of jeans and grab those ever trust all stars for a modern elegant look.

Make The T-Shirt Great Again

From its humble beginnings somewhere in 1913, the t-shirt has really come a long way. You now have the power to achieve a plethora of different styles from this one, diverse piece of clothing. Make the most of the t-shirt with the help of Blank tees. Check out our range from AS Colour and get styling today!