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Tee Shirt 101: The Basics On Tee Shirt Construction

If you’re a particularly inquisitive type of individual, or have always wondered exactly how a tee shirt is constructed, then this blog is definitely for you! Today, the Blank Tees team will be putting it all out on the table for you, giving you the low down on tee shirt construction. Read on below to discover the differences in certain manufacturing processes and what the label actually means.

Cotton Construction

Yes, even the way your cotton is woven in various tee shirts differs. There are two versions of weaving used in the construction of cotton. These are known as; carded open ended and combed and ring spun.

Carded Open Ended Cotton

To create carded open ended cotton, raw cotton is placed into a carding machine, which in essence, does all the dirty work. Major impurities will be removed from the material and fibers of the strands are aligned. This is then placed into an open end spinning machine which churns out the yarn for your tee.

Combed and Ring Spun Cotton

Combed and ring spun cotton produces a more refined yarn at the end of the procedure. Essentially, the same process is followed as above. However, after being put through the carding process, the cotton is then combed to remove any finer impurities. Once this process is completed, it is then placed into a ring-spinning machine which produces a tighter, thinner yarn to knit into cotton material for tee shirts.

Carded Open Ended vs. Combed and Ring Spun Summary

  • Carded open end spun cotton is cheaper to produce than the combed ring spun alternative
  • Combed and ring spun cotton produces a more refined material to work with
  • Combed and ring spun cotton is softer than the carded option
  • Combed and ring spun cotton provides a better surface for print tees

Tee Shirt Construction

Often in the tee shirt realm, you will hear the phrases tubular and side seam being used. These refer to the way in which the tee shirt is constructed. Tubular refers to a process in which the sleeves of a shirt are woven in a circular motion, needing no seams to be created. The side seam refers to a sleeve which is made from a piece of already existing material, and sewn down the length of the arm. Although tubular construction may sound fancier, side seam shirts provide a better fit as they can be tailored.

Find The Perfect Tee Shirt For You

Blank Tees has a wide variety of tees available for all. We have carded open ended pieces, combed and ring spun creations, tubular tees and side seam shirts available. Be sure to look through our catalogue of items available and pick up the most fitting tee for you this winter!